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slytherin's Journal

better than you
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Community Information

This is a Harry Potter community, specifically concerned with one of Hogwart's four houses: Slytherin. Slytherin is typically assoicated with the Dark Arts & pure blood dark wizards, no surprise given that it was founded by Salazar Slytherin & has had the pleasure of having Voldemort & the majority of his Death Eaters as it's most notorious students. This community houses everybody from those with a passing interest to those with a dangerous obsesson with Slytherin: we've got them all. If you're not entirely sure that you would be suited here then visit the Official Harry Potter Website where you can be sorted into a house, Slytherin or any of the other three. Otherwise please feel free to browse & join if you feel inclined, though I would request that you read all of the information below before doing so.

Community Rules

1. First & foremost all members of the community are requested to maintain a polite & pleasant demeanour in all posts & comments within the community. While discussions & debates are welcome, arguments & derivative, demeaning or offensive language will not be tolerated.

2. Punctuation/ grammar/ spelling is not a factor that will be used to decide the validity of posts, but I would ask that all members attempt to keep their contributions coherent & following some basic linguistic rules (PLEASE, no mixed case typing).

3. All posts must be on topic. As this community is concerned with Harry Potter & more specifically with Slytherin, posts should be about related topics, or topics that could be construed as being related to such.

4. This is NOT an RP community & such topics will be considered off-topic & removed, the member who posted such will be given a warning. Any further posts in breach of community rules will result in their removal from the community. I do however, have no objection to the advertisement of RP communities & associated, on the condition that all information is presented behind a cut; the cut text & post title should clearly state that it is concerning RP.

5. Any posts containing spoilers must be placed behind a cut, the post title & cut text should clearly indicate the contents; failure to do so will result in the post being removed & the member who posted will be given a warning. Any further posts in breach of community rules will result in their removal from the community.

6. If any members have concerns of complaints about community members or posts, please contact allsunday


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