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Thought I'd introduce myself.

I'm Krystal or germ or germy or el germo or any other variation of that, 21yo and I'm in Perth, Western Australia. I think I must be the biggest fan of HP in the whole city but then some people here are like "Harry who?"

I make clothes too, and have made quite a few Hogwarts robes now for myself and friends in the loop. We plan to go to the first screening of GOF, but it doesnt come out here until the 1st of December, worst luck. I will be representing Slytherin off course, my friend Jason is rather like Draco and i happen to have a friend that looks like a Indie version of Harry Potter. Will post pictures sometime soon, if my Dark!Harry remembers to bring his camera.

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They finally released Goblet of Fire in New Zealand last night, so I went to the midnight show. I have one thing to say:

All hail Lord Voldemort.

May his reign be long and glorious.
hp - slytherin

Stupid Gryffindors.

Just a little side anecdote of seeing the movie yesterday.

When we walked into the theatre, there was this like.. 40-something dad with his kids and all of them (including dad) were dressed up in Gryffindor garb (gag). I, of course, had on my Slytherin scarf. And the dad points and me and was like "LOOK IT'S A SLYTHERIN."

..seriously, dude. There is a reason I wear Slytherin and not Gryffindor. I am not friendly.

I gave him a LOOK.

Did he expect me to smile and wave? That's what Hufflepuffs are for.
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GoF Movie

I'm going to post this in another community too just be aware.
My fav book of the seven part series was is and always will be, Goblet of Fire. I can confidently say that even though book seven isn't out yet.
The movies I scarcely liked for various reasons. But when it comes to GoF I
LOOOOOOOOOOVED it. I had hoped I would. I mean how could you mess this one up? It is the best movie. I'm taking every one to see it.
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i don't know if this is allowed. but i'm gonna go for it anyway. yesterday my friend and i went into the city to go visit a art exhibit. we were heading to 86th st. and were by times square and i remembered hearing that the goblet premier was saturday on west 54th. so we decided to trek over and then head to the met, thinking that maybe we'd see some of our favorite actors and whatever.

we got so much more. Collapse )

ehh here is some fun ^,^

You're a Slytherpuff!: This is a rare combination
but those that are true Slytherpuffs are not
people you want to make your enemy. You take
loyalty very seriously and if someone gives you
their word you expect them to keep it. You
either project a cold exterior and have a heart
of gold inside or you seem all cuddly and nice
on the outside and you are ruthless on the
inside. People frequently underestimate you but
this usually suits your purpose. Whoever has
your loyalty is a very lucky person because you
will fight tooth and nail to protect them. You
have a protective streak and you like to
champion the underdog. In life, experience has
taught you that it's better not to be too
idealistic or expect to much of other people.
Still, deep inside you, you still have hope
that everything will always turn out for the
best. Your weakness is that sometimes you trust
blindly, follow without question and this can
lead you into trouble. With the loyalty of a
Hufflepuff and the ruthlessness of a Slytherin
you are a formidable person!

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Hi. My name is Kara. I am 16 and live in New England, USA I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter books. I love the slytherin house above all else. I am so glad to ba a part of this community. Can't wait to be more involved. Talk to you all soon.