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I don't usually posty fan-fiction in Harry Potter communities, but somehow, this took so much work I would just like to share it. I did not see anything against this in the rules, but if it is, I am sorry and you're welcome to delete it. The reason I'm posting it here because it is, in fact, about our maginificent founder - Salazaar Slytherin.

You want to know the truth? I have never been so proud of my own written composition in my life. It took me months to complete this. I have practically wrote this a sentence a day. But I did it.

I know that the pairing is questionable. If you don't like it, don't read it, just don't flame me, because I don't stand for that.

Title : 10 Letters Salazaar Slytherin Never Sent.
Rated : PG-13 for mild slash.
Pairings : Godric Gryffindor/Salazaar Slytherin
Warnings : Very mild slash. Deals more with emotion than with action. Angst.
Summary : The first letter was written when Salazaar was only 10, the last shortly before his death. Takes a look at Salazaar's real personality, his sickness, and the real reason why he despised 'Mudbloods' so much.
Disclaimer : I don't own anything but the plot. All characters and places belong to the genius lady JKR.
Dedication: Written for anasuede. Firstly, for inspiring this and coming up with the idea for this, secondly, for being so darn wonderful! :)
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